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Recommended Supplements

Here are supplements that I take regularly. I recommend them to my patients as well. The following supplements are appropriate for male or female, ages 20+.Pharmanex LifePak Nano There are variations of the following supplements that are targeted more specifically to teenagers, to pre-natal women, to menopausal women, or to 50+ men. I take the LifePak Nano cause it’s easy for my wife and I to take the same product.

LifePak Nano

I take one packet of Lifepak Nano in the morning with breakfast. And on the days that I remember I take another packet in the evening with dinner.

What’s So Good About It?

I had a personal revelation with LifePak Nano. I had been taking another professional quality nutritional supplement that I thought was helping me. Then I had my antioxidant level measured. I was astounded to find that my antioxidant level was dangerously low in spite of my taking the supplement. Then I switched to LifePak Nano and repeatedly measured my antioxidant level month after month. With LifePak Nano my antioxidant level rose dramatically to an optimal level. You can read more about my personal experience with LifePak Nano here.

LifePak Nano Incomparable

lifepak fruits vegetables

LifePak (regular)

The LifePak (without the nano) is a modified version of LifePak Nano. It is a little bit less expensive. Never-the-less, there’s a ton of nutritional value in a day’s serving of LifePak. Here’s an accurate representation of the equivalent amount of fruits and vegetables one would have to eat to get the nutrients in a day’s supply of LifePak.

Pharmanex LifePak

To get either LifePak Nano or LifePak at their suggested retail prices you can purchase them at the clinic during regular business hours.

To purchase LifePak Nano or LifePak at wholesale (the same price that I pay) you can order them directly from NuSkin-Pharmanex. (If you purchase from the NuSkin-Pharmanex site I will get about a 15% commission.) To do so you first create an online account. Then you order your product. You get the cheapest price when you place a recurring order. That means they will ship you the product once a month on the same day. You can cancel the order at any time online.

How to buy LifePak directly at wholesale

You can order the LifePak products directly from Pharmanex by calling 1-800-487-1000. Follow the phone prompt to “Sign Up as New Customer¨. You will be asked for a sponsor ID, mine is US00176297.

You can make a one-time Pharmanex order (at retail price) or sign-up for the Auto Delivery Rewards (ADR) program for the wholesale price.

If you’ve received a Pharmanex Scan score and want to participate in the 60 day money-back Challenge, you will be asked to provide your Scan certificate # (under bar code).

Please feel free to call me with any questions at 952-934-0525.